We Are Not a Collection of Data

A lot of my earlier work has been in exploring all the data points represent us as human being. Breaking ourselves into attitude, intention, motivation, emotional state, reaction times, and so on in quantifiable terms. What can be described…and what can be measured.

There’s value in this… but certainly not in understanding who we really are. what I’ve found over the years is that our humanity is never adequately or satisfactorily captured by data. Our consciousness transcends and alludes whatever we try to capture… perhaps, one could say, by design.

We aren’t meant to understand ourselves in such terms.

The next several years will begin what I feel is the final journey of humanity (as we know it) — the journey towards uncovering our soul. As the limitations (and in many cases the perversions) of technological representation of our humanity become apparent, we’ll be forced to reconcile the definition of what it means to be human.

Exciting times ahead!

Ranjeeth Thunga

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