The mission of HumanMarkup is to gather resources, contribute to efforts, and as needed, develop new open-source standards for human data.

Human Markup Language was founded ahead of its time in 2001, rebooted in 2018, as a means of capturing various characteristics of human beings in explicit data representation.

We will explore the various means of collecting human data, different interpretations of such data based on psychosocial and spiritual frameworks, and various means of expressing and using such data.

The end result should be open, meaningful and empower human beings, without being prone to manipulation and obfuscation.

We advocate ownership of human data, open standards done in transparent manner so that we are clear how we all the data is processed.

The intention of this project is to advocate meaningful use of human data, while issuing caution on the ill-effects of misleading, exploitative or personally harmful use of human data.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper